My name is Kerstin Fagerholm and I live in the countryside in southern Sweden, together with my husband. Our house is surrounded by nature and wildlife, bringing a lot of inspiration to my work. Although, I could live without the wild boars trespassing our land.  
    I’m passionate about gardening, so as soon as weather allows, I spend a lot of time pruning, planting and weeding. And when the back needs straightening out, we head off to the golf course.

    During the long and dark winter months, I busy myself making miniatures in scale 1/12. My favorite material is sterling silver, where I use 0.6 and 0.8 mm silverplate, silver strings and pipes. I saw the parts and solder them together. The soldering can be tricky but that is the good thing with silver, if you fail you can always start again or change the design. I also make miniatures in copper and wood. Everything I make is handmade and every piece is unique.
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